2015 NBA All Star Preview

Here are the results if the NBA All-Star voting were ending today based solely off votes received:

Western Conference Starters: 

Front Court: Anthony Davis (NO): 732,154 votes; Blake Griffin (LAC): 403,415 votes; Marc Gasol (MEM): 343,587 votes

Back Court: Stephen Curry (GS): 755,486 votes; Kobe Bryant (LAL): 694,665 votes

Eastern Conference Starters:

Front Court: LeBron James (CLE): 775,810 votes; Pau Gasol (CHI): 372,109 votes; Carmelo Anthony (NY): 365,449 votes

Back Court: John Wall (WAS): 439,395 votes; Dwayne Wade (MIA): 396,757 votes


Competition for all-star spots in the western conference has been fierce.  This is evidenced by Russel Westbrook currently falling in 8th overall in back court votes in the western conference.  With a stat line along the tune of 27.6 ppg, 5.6 reb, 7.2 ass, and 2.3 steals per game its hard to imagine a player of this caliber may not make the all-star team.  Other names on the fringe include Damian Lillard; a critical component of a Trailblazer team making a run at Golden State for the best record in the west, James Harden, Klay Thompson, Rajon Rondo, and Chris Paul.  Any one of these people would seemingly deserve the title of all-star.

Also interesting to note the popularity of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Carmelo Anthony in these voting results.  With the amount of injuries and even time off for “old age” you would think that the veterans would enjoy some sort of all-star break in order to rest.  This could free up positions for young up and coming guards to gain all-star experience.  Players like Jeff Teague, Eric Bledsoe, and Nick Young may not only appreciate an all-star title more, but they may also provide more excitement and entertainment for the games and weekend itself.  I would say more “Swaggy P” camera time is better for vines, tweeters, bloggers, and fans of the game itself.  This is especially true if Kobe is out leaving him to “feel like Django unchained”




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