Pacers V. T-Wolves

Last night I attended the Pacers basketball game against the Minnesota Timberwolves in Indianapolis.  I took advantage of the cheap ticket prices and made the short trip up I-65 to the arena.  As a Pacers and Louisville Cardinals fan I was excited to see my favorite team and an old U of L favorite, Gorgui Dieng, play in the arena.  The game certainly did not disappoint bringing plenty of drama and excitement.

The leagues big story of the night was the 11 year veteran, Mo Williams scoring 52 points against the Pacers.  Williams has shown his scoring prowess against Indiana in the past.  Most recently doubling his season average of 11 points per game by posting 20+ points in their last meeting.  Many of his 52 points were the result of acrobatic off-balanced three pointers.  It really seemed like the guy couldn’t miss.  This performance tops the league this season passing the 46 point games from Carmelo Anthony and Pau Gasol.  Check out his highlights here:

Roy Hibbert was also ejected after a flagrant 2 foul midway through the third quarter.  As he fell he was seen drawing Dieng down to the ground with him.  Accident or not the in arena replay looked bad.  Gorgui left the incident unhurt.

There was plenty of drama and excitement in the arena.  In my opinion, the most interesting and pleasurable part of the evening was meeting the acquaintance of two Louisville natives at the game.  At this point I would like to introduce you to Stephanie and Dan Cline.

Stephanie and Dan Cline

(Sorry guys, I had to crop myself out of the picture.  My eyes were closed)

These two lovely individuals represent what the citizens of Louisville should be.  They are diehard Louisville fans that made the trip to see Dieng play again.  They do happen to prefer college ball but unlike some people in the city say, “Why not?” to the prospect of having an NBA team.  These two are perfect examples of why we should, could, and would support an NBA team in Louisville.  It was an uneventful Tuesday night in the city, so they decided to find plans; get tickets and go to the game.  It would be much easier and more sensible to allow people like the Clines to take a short trip to their own back yard in the Yum! Center.

Combined, there are currently 20 players from U of L and U of K in the league.  So whether you are a Cards or Cats fan, there are plenty of opportunities for you die hard college fans to support your own favorites.  I say we all take a page out of Stephanie and Dan’s book and support this movement.  In fact, 4 of the next 5 Pacers home games are against teams housing former UK and UL players.  Jan 16, 27, 31, and Feb. 4th.  Pick your poison.

Of course if you are still opposed, I am still waiting to hear a valid argument and see any data on a negative impact an NBA team would bring.  There is room in the comments! 🙂


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